Southern Region


Area Manager (South)

B.Sc Civil (UET), R.E
Engr. Muhammad Jamil is graduate civil engineer having his degree from University Of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.
He joined our company in 2014 and got site exposure at the start. His keen interest in structural designing guided him to move to Office and he performed technical coordination for many projects. Having both field and design experience, he was moved to Karachi where he took charge initially as Area-Engineer and currently as Area Manager. His expertise is developing and we find him a valiant asset of the company. He is looking after marketing, management, coordination, estimation and general administration of the company’s southern region zonal office in Karachi.


Admin In-charge (South)

“Some people are only known for their work”…… so is the case of Allah Ditta Sb.
Mr. Allah Ditta is currently the Admin In-charge of our Zonal Office at Karachi. Having a vast, versatile and reputed experience of construction works especially of labour management, he is responsible for overall projects execution. He is known and respected for his work in the market both in North and South regions and at the twilight of his career, finally, he has settled himself as a key and permanent in-charge member of our work team at Karachi Office.